Performance & Tuning

Tamworth Automotive and EFI Service Centre are also known as Peel Mechanical the New England’s EFI Specialist which has been supplying performance tuning for Petrol, LPG Gas and Diesel powered vehicle for over 40 years in the Tamworth area.

  • Reduce your fuel costs by keeping your vehicle well tuned by the professional team at Tamworth EFI.
  • Get your car and 4WD engine running smoothly to get optimum performance and more kilometres to the litre.

Performance Tuning

Performance Dyno Tuning for all vehicles including EFI, Electronic Fuel Injection, Carburettor, LPG Auto Gas, Diesel, All types of Turbo Engines. When it comes to Dyno Tuning or Performance Tuning there is only one choice.

Tamworth dyno tuning
fuel injection into cumbustion chamber
EFI testing

Electronic Performance Parts

Tamworth EFI supply and fit performance parts to increase power and give you the best possible balance of torque and economy.

Performance components comprise of Programmable ECU (Electronic Computer Units), Crank Angle Sensors, Air Flow Meters, Sports High Tension Leads for better spark delivery to high pressure fuel pumps and high flow fuel injectors.

Fuel Injection Service

Fuel Injection service is available either on or off your vehicle. The ultimate is to service your injectors off the vehicle then follow this with the Carbon Clean Service.

Carbon Clean Service

The carbon Clean is similar to an on car injector cleaner with the added benefit of cleaning the engine’s top end. After having a Carbon Clean Service carried out you will notice a huge difference in performance as it gives your engine a new lease on life.

Best Equipped & Experienced Technicians

The highly skilled technicians, lead by Trevor, who himself has over 40 years experience on all types of vehicles from the early performance Carburettor to the latest computer controlled engine management system.

Tamworth Automotive & EFI has the area’s most extensive and up to date diagnostic, testing and servicing, scan & tuning equipment.

If you need your petrol or diesel car or 4WD to perform, don’t hesitate to book in today with someone you can trust.

  • Dyno Tuning for EFI, Carburettor, LPG and Diesel vehicles.
  • Car and 4WD Turbo Charging
  • EFI – Electronic Fuel Injection & Tune Ups, with a huge range of EFI Spare Parts in Stock
  • Fuel Injection Cleaning
  • Carburettor Overhauls & Tuning
  • LPG Auto Gas Installation and Servicing, including overhauls and repairs of component
  • National Warranty ‘for peace of mind’
Dyno Dynamics
Diagnostic Equipment
auto testing bosch equipment