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Tamworth Suspension Services is a total 4WD care business, we specialise in the latest modern electronic componentry. Whether your 4WD is a late model or an early model vehicle, we can get you back on the road.

Enhanced 4WD Suspension

EFS is Realistic Suspension for Real Outback Driving
The evolution has begun. Elevate to a new dimension of 4WD suspension with EFS Enhanced Systems. The team at EFS believe they have developed one of the best 4WD suspension packages available in Australia today.

This is the result of more than 40 years of development and knowledge concerning four-wheel drive suspensions.

These products have been designed to handle the harsh conditions of the Australian outback, while maintaining exceptional comfort and responsive handling when traveling in all conditions.

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Why is EFS Suspension?

EFS Suspension is better than the original equipment

A vehicle’s suspension has been designed to suit an average situation.

But what’s average? The engineers who designed the suspension package of a vehicle have taken a number of factors into consideration – handling, steering, braking and how comfortable the ride will be.

All of these are affected when driving in harsh environments or when a vehicle has been fully accessorised with the load bearing accessories required for remote travel, four-wheel driving or towing.

The EFS Enhanced 4WD suspension package will maintain a comfortable ride in all environments, while maintaining ride height, responsive handling and articulation.

Experience the difference EFS Enhanced 4WD suspension offers, give Tamworth Suspension a ring today on 02 6765 4390 and have a chat to the friendly team there about putting in this innovative suspension system.

Today it requires an expert with approved knowledge and skills to service this level of sophisticated automotive technology.

Trevor and the team have access to the latest technical information and the on-going, world class training programs backed by his parts suppliers like EFS and Bosch which are essential to keep abreast of the rapid advances in automotive technology.

The combination of know how, quality parts and components are the basic ingredients to keep your vehicle friendly to the environment and performing to the optimum level.